The Ultimate Vray Materials Course

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The Ultimate Vray Materials Course

Denis Keman
7 ratings

Content of the course:

  • 9+ Hours of HD video tutorials
  •  All the files that are used in the videos
  • All the scenes that are used in the videos so you can follow along

Who is this meant for?

  • If you are starting out with learning Vray, or have been using it for a while now but you want to push the boundaries of your material creation skills, then this course is the right one for you. The way the videos were created was to make it easy to follow along regardless of your skill of using Vray.  

What do you need to follow the course?

  • ( The updated content for the Vray 5.1 version was recorded on 3ds Max 2021
  • In order to follow along you will need to have 3ds Max installed on your PC as well as version of Vray. At the time of the recording the version of 3ds Max that was used was 2018 and the version of Vray Next was 4.20
  •  If you have an older version of Vray you can still follow along without any issues
  • If you are using an older version of 3ds Max you should have no issues as the scenes were saved to be compatible to be opened as far back as 3ds Max 2011

What is covered in this course?

  • The course will cover the creation of materials in 3ds Max and Photoshop. All the textures that will be used will be created in the tutorials as well you will have them available to download and use them right away.
  • To Make it Simpler to Organize the videos have been separated in Chapters as indicated by the (C01, C02, C03 etc) in front of every video. The chapters go as:

  • Chapter 00 - Introduction Chapter ( Start Here )
    - Creating Seamless Dirt and Grunge Maps

  • Chapter 01 - Fabrics Chapter
    - Cotton Material
    - Damask Silk Material
    - Silk Material 
    - Simple Velvet Material
    - Towel Material

  • Chapter 02 - Leather Chapter
    - Leather Material

  • Chapter 03 - Metals Chapter
    -  Clean Metal Material
    - Brushed Metal Material
    - Hammered Metal Material
    - Colored Metal Material 
    - Dirty Copper Material 
    - Carbon Fiber Material
    - Corten Steel Material

  • Chapter 04 - Stone and Marble Chapter
    - Granite Material
    - Marble Material

  • Chapter 05 - Wood Chapter 
    - Basic Wood Material
    - Wood No UVs

  • Chapter 06 - Miscellaneous Chapter ( Basically this is where we put anything that doesn't fall under any other group )
    - Wall Material

  • Chapter 07 - Glass Chapter
    - Basic Glass Material
    - Colored Glass Material
    - Cracked Glass Material

Vray 5.1 Upadated Content

  • Upgrading to Vray 5
  • Working With ACES Workflow
  • Creating Plastic Materials 
  • Creating Metal Materials
  • Creating Velvet Materials and Sheen Parameters
  • Creating Car Paint Material
  • Creating Layered Car Paint Material
  • Creating Snow Material
  • Creating Ice Material

Ok looks solid but i still have some questions before i enroll:

Awesome, having questions is always great as it means you are curious about something and that is how learning starts. If you need to get in touch with me for any reason you can get me on any of the links below, and chances are you will get a reply quite promptly.  

YouTube Channel:


Facebook Group:


Discord Channel:




Link to get the Shaderball model used in the scene:


I want this!


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